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Justin Long, Tyler Labine, Jess Weixler, Addison Timlin, Frances O’Connor, Shelley Long, Evan Jones, Michael Landes, Peter Syvertsen, James Detmar

Lumpy (Tyler Labine) is a wild guy, overly loud and obnoxious and best friend of Scott (Justin Long) and his new bride Kristin (Jess Wixler). Lumpy overdoes it as usual and messes up their wedding reception, but shocks everyone by dropping dead overnight. Scott and Kristin have to call off their honeymoon to go back to Minneapolis in the middle of winter to bury Lumpy. But as they try to put the event together, they learn that there was a lot more to their friend than they ever knew, and he was leading an entirely different life than they ever knew.

This was a rather surprising and off-beat movie. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I suspected Tyler to over play the loud and obnoxious friend, but he did one of the best performances in the film. There were other interesting characters that made the story better as it went along. In fact, Justin and Jess played the leads in this film, and they were shallow, annoying, and somewhat boring throughout, and were the weakest part of the movie. As I stated in the beginning, I wasn’t expecting a lot from this film, and so I was not sorry I watched it. Truthfully it was better told than I expected. Lumpy, who really is the main character in the story, dies in the beginning, but his life and times are the heart of the story. As such, it’s a story of a guy John Candy like…the lovable loser, even though he isn’t around that long. So the movie is a decent rental, not a great film, but well worth the time watching it on video. It’s a little different, and so that keeps your interest. I can mildly recommend this as a rental, and I did enjoy watching it.

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