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Vilde Zeiner, Anders Baasmo Christiansen, Agnes Kittelsen, Stig Werner Moe, Eilif Hellum Noraker, Kristin Zachariassen, Andreas Cappelen, Knut Walle, Sofie Asplin, Jakob Oftebro

The Kingdom is under a curse because of the loss of the Christmas Star. But a little orphan girl Sonja (Vilde Zeiner) sets out on a long dangerous journey to find the star and save the Kingdom. Along her journey she meets a number of interesting characters both good and wicked in this live action fairy tale Christmas movie from Norway.

This was a very pleasant surprise. I have seen a gaggle of horrible Christmas stories that are done on a teeny budget, with very low quality and nothing anyone but a Christmas junkie like me, or a little kid is going to sit through. This is an excellently produced film. Little Sonja is an excellent heroine, but the beautiful photography and locations, the scenery is stunning. The wintry scenes at the North Pole are gorgeous, but the scenes in the castle and with the witch are beautiful sets as well. The action is exciting, the story is very well written, the views are spectacular, and it’s highly exciting to watch. This is a very well done foreign film, and one that is certainly worth watching. This would have been interesting in the original Norwegian with English subtitles, but for the sake of the kids who are too young to watch the film and reading subtitles, it was wisely dubbed. Many folks complain about the mouth not matching the dialog, but it’s certainly understandable why they choose this route. If you like this type of fantasy fairy tale story, this one is very worth watching. I actually caught it this year on Watch Instantly on NetFlix, but it’s well worth watching. I wish I had found this one before the holidays as it would have been great to see it in season. This is one I can recommend.

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