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Julia Stiles, Taye Diggs, Melissa George, David Harbour

Four friends, (two couples) meet over two different nights a few years apart. One couple from New York is newly married and are visiting the other couple in their huge home in the Midwest. The rich couple is in a bad way and are at each other’s throats. Later the other couple comes to New York to visit their friends, only to find they are having many issues in their own marriage as well and the tables have turned. The movie is a character study of these four friends and their individual problems and weaknesses.

This is one of those “artsy” films that is basically these four friends talking, fighting, cursing, and just plain acting like the petty self serving jerks they are. Some people will like this kind of movie because it is all eavesdropping on the lives of these friends who have no problem saying anything that pops in their head. There’s no real plot or purpose to the movie, other than to prove they’re all spoiled brats. It’s not my kind of movie. I like some sort of purpose to a film, and watching grown people act like children is not a major pleasure of mine. I didn’t like any of these people, and couldn’t pick either side. They deserve each other, and I am not really sure why they bothered to even make this film. It is marketed as a comedy, but I was simply not amused at any of it. I just found it quite annoying.

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