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Mark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Barry Pepper, Jeffrey Wright, Kyle Chandler, Justin Chambers, Alona Tal, Ambyr Childers, Griffin Dunne, Michael Beach, William Ragsdale, James Ransone, Natalie Martinez

Billy Taggart (Mark Wahlberg) is a former policeman, now a private detective who must inform the Mayor that his wife is having an affair. But when the guy turns up dead, Billy thinks something smalls fishy, and he proceeds to dig into the story, risking his own life, and the lives of those he comes in contact with. Is Billy onto something, or is he just the fall guy in a sinister plot?

They say that the naked city has a million stories. Well, New York has hundreds that are just like this one, unfortunately. There’s nothing really wrong with this movie, other than it’s just like a hundred other stories. Mark Wahlberg is pretty fair in this role, but he’s not any different than a dozen other cops/P.I.’s that have done this story. Russell Crowe is underwhelming as the Mayor, and Catherine Zeta-Jones is wasted as the Mayor’s wife. Russell is a great actor in a ho-hum role, and Catherine Zeta-Jones does not have enough to do in this film to make it worth her efforts.

So this is a very typical crime, corruption, betrayal, murder, story with twists and turns that are so clearly marked, that there are no surprises at all. If you’re a big fan of the big city crime drama, then this is as good a typical TV movie, but if you’re looking for something challenging, unique, and interesting, then this is sure to disappoint. I say, skip it.

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