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Andy Garcia, Oscar Isaac, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Santiago Cabrera, Eva Longoria, Peter O’Toole

This historical movie is the story of the reign of President Calles in the late 1920’s in Mexico where he instituted a vicious ban on Catholicism. What followed is known as the Cristeros War (1926-1929) where the people rose up and fought against the atheistic government. Knowing they were severely outnumbered, they were able to convince retired general Enrique Gorostieta (Andy Garcia) to join them in the fight.

This was a very interesting film. It was actually pretty well done, and was certainly able to grab my attention and hold it throughout the whole movie. It was a story that I was not familiar with at all, and I was surprised that I had never heard of this particular war. As with any historical film, of course, there is a lot of debate over what is true history and what is poetic license. I’m not in a position to judge that, so I am taking the story as a movie that covers historical events, with a few liberties here and there I’m sure. Still, the story is good, and the acting is very good. It is a bit odd to have a film set in Mexico starring a lot of Mexican actors that is completely in English, but I guess many historical films have gone that route. Peter O’Toole has a very important but minor role as a priest who stands up for the church and refuses to bend to the restrictions placed upon it by the government. This story reminds me of movies from many years ago specifically 1964’s Becket, which also starred Peter O’Toole along with Richard Burton. The movie really reminded me of that, probably due to the O’Toole connection. Though there are bound to be many critics specifically hating on the religious persecution focus of the film, I really enjoyed this. I was able to stream this from Netflix “Watch Instantly” and it made for a very enjoyable afternoon watching a movie like movies used to be made. I found it very enjoyable.

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