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Ryan Reynolds, Jose Luis Garcia Perez, Robert Paterson, Stephen Tobolwsky, Samathana Mathis, Ivana Mino, Warner Loughlin, Erik Palladino

Paul Conroy (Ryan Renolds) is a family man and a civilian truck driver in Iraq working as a contractor delivering supplies for the rebuilding effort. He was in a convoy of trucks when all hell broke loose, roadside bombs, gunfire, even kids throwing rocks. Paul remembers this, but we don’t get to see any of it. We see nothing but blackness, then suddenly Paul wakes up, finds a lighter and lights it to see (as we see) he is alone is a wooden coffin, trapped with no way out. Paul also finds a couple glow sticks, a cell phone that is Arabic, but working, a pencil and a pen knife and nothing else. He knows there is not much air in there, and he has no idea how he got there or why he’s been buried alive. A quick call on the cell phone and Paul learns he’s been buried in the desert and being held for (originally) 9 million dollars. He is a family man, but no one seems to answer, and nobody seems able to help, so it appears he has to help himself.

This is a very, very unusual movie. First of all, you would expect Ryan Reynolds to be in a romantic comedy playing a lighthearted good old boy. But in this film, he is intense. This is the performance of his life. To top it off, he has to play every second of the movie alone, and he is the only person we see in the entire movie. The entire movie is filmed inside this box! The intensity which he portrays this impossible situation is awesome. Additionally, he run the gambit of emotions from fear, to horror, to anger, to frustration, and even resolution. He loses it a few times, but comes back to his senses each time. Due to the incredible way this is filmed, we are in the box, and if you’re claustrophobic, be forewarned. You’re going to feel everything he goes through. There are a couple complaints I have, but I won’t go into much detail to not spoil the impact of the film. It is a bit political. (Bad Haliburton, Bad Bush, Bad CIA, etc.). I find it hard to believe than any of the institutions in this film are as evil and uncaring as it appears, and that is a weakness in the story. But aside from that , it’s an incredible roller-coaster ride of emotions, and one I’m sure you’ll never forget. So I would highly recommend this movie, with the caveat that it’s very intense and the suspense in incredible. Also there truly is only one actor and one set. Everything takes place in the box. And if you turn the lights out, when the lights are out in the box, the screen is completely dark too, sometimes for minutes at a time, so be sure to turn on a light if you go down to grab a sandwich midway through. This one will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish!

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