Fifth Quarter, Park Entertainment, The

Ryan Merriman, Aidan Quinn, Andie MacDowell, Andrea Powell, Jillian Batherson, Anessa Ramsey, Bonnie Johnson, Michael Harding, Patrick Stogner

Jon Abbate (Ryan Merriman) is the oldest son in a nice Christian family, and a very good football player at Wake Forest University. His younger brother, Luke, was suddenly killed in an auto accident at 15, and sent the whole family into a period of grief. Jon wanted to honor his brother, and led the Wake Forest Devil Demons to an awesome best season ever, and started a new tradition of the 5th quarter, named after Luke’s uniform number 5 as a tribute to his brother. Ande MacDowell and Aidan Quinn star as Jon and Luke’s parents. This inspirational film was based on the true story.

The film was shot at Wake Forest, on location, in North Carolina. This is first and foremost a Christian film with really good values and core honor and respect. It is not preachy in the least. This is not a Christianity conversion tool at all. It just tells the story as it is, and the faith of this wonderful family is at the heart of how they survived this terrible ordeal.

This is a very uplifting movie, in the end. It’s sad, of course, but the accident portion of the film was very low tech, not believable at all. This is not the spectacular CGI car crashes in ultra slow motion from Final Destination. This is almost an aside, not graphic at all. This is because it’s the feelings and emotions of the actors that is important, so it’s not trying to shock or horrify you. The decisions they have to make and the problems getting back to a normal life after the tragedy are very well portrayed. The acting is excellent, and it’s very realistic. This has been called a football movie, but it’s not really, as football is the sideline. There are some exciting football moments, but the story is about a family dealing with the sudden unexpected loss of a son and brother. I was very impressed with the way this story was told, and I enjoyed it very much. There are a lot of great characters here, and the emotions are very real. Excellent actors in each of the roles make a great story. I highly recommend this now that it’s available on DVD, and it’s a very worthwhile story. The fact that in the end you get to see the real people make it even better.

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