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James Balog, Svavar Jonatansson, Adam LeWinter

This documentary right out of the Al Gore playbook travels up north to Iceland, Greenland, etc. to watch and film the glaciers disappearing through years of time lapse photography. In a very clever way, they mounted cameras at advantageous spots and had them snap shots on a regular basis, then put them together to make stop motion films. What they got was very spectacular, and goes to try to prove their global warming theories. The science is hard sold to us, but they can’t take away from the beautiful scenery of stuff I’m sure we’ll never see in our lifetimes.

The problem with global warming is the whole idea that a few years of humanity outdoes billions of years of the history of the Earth. I’ve said all this before, but I just think it’s absurd to blame the imminent end of the world on us puny humans. We don’t have near that much power in the makeup of things. I remember my Grandfather worrying that the overpopulation was going to make a world where there is no place to sit or lay down, because people would only have room to stand. Then we drove him through Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, and convinced him that we still had a little room left. I remember how we’re all supposed to be dead by now according to the end of the world clock due to the evaporating ozone layer. We were all supposed to burn to death a few years ago. But ecologists don’t mention the ozone hole anymore cause there’s nothing to say. These kinds of things run in circles. Now I have no doubt that the climate is getting warmer, but I suspect that’s what happens. I remember learning about how the Finger Lakes and the Great Lakes were built by the moving glaciers. Where are the glaciers in New York now? Where did they go? I suspect they melted. I believe the earth will survive whether or not you recycle your water bottles or use plastic bags or not. I think the hypocritical people who drive gas guzzlers, and have huge homes with whole house heating and air conditioning, but are zero carbon footprint because of buying “carbon credits” is just like the rich people buying “indulgences” from the Pope to allow them to “pay” for the sins they were going to commit in advance by donating to the church. This whole thing is just a way to control people.

This film is full of disaster warnings to scare you and make you afraid to sleep because the ocean will be crashing through your bedroom window any day now. It makes for cool fictional disaster films, but in reality mother nature will adjust, or we will somehow mutate. We have plenty to worry about, and floods and tornadoes have always been around, and hurricanes worse than Sandy and Katrina have been here before and will be here hundreds of years in the future. Let’s get back to stunning nature films and cut out the propaganda.

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