The Global Asylum,

Reginald Veljohnson, Jordan Ladd, Gerald Webb, Michael Teh, Darin Cooper, Darren Anthony Thomas, Andy Clemence, Meredith Thomas, Stephanie Hullar

The President and his family are aboard Air Force One when something goes wrong with the new high tech auto Air Traffic Control system that puts the President’s plane on a head on collision course with a commercial airliner and to make it worse a horrible electrical storm has knocked out all their communications. Those left who can see what is happening have to try every trick in their power to try to get those planes to respond and get everyone safely on the ground.

This “on-demand” film is a surprisingly well done film considering the budget for this TV movie type film. Reginald Veljohnson is about the biggest name in the cast, and he is known as Laura’s father who was driven crazy by Jaleel White as Steve Urkel in Family Matters. Some of the dialog is silly, and the old style flop around and bounce on your seat to simulate turbulence type action is pretty strong B movie material. But this film did have one thing going for it. Just plain old fashioned fun. It’s campy and not real high class, and the special effects are dreadful, but almost in a “let’s get together and make us a disaster film” kind of way. I have to admit it was a guilty pleasure watching this, and I enjoyed the camp of the movie. I can’t rate it very highly because of how awful some of the effect and story points are, but at no time was I bored or disappointed and I stuck through it till the end and found myself smiling through it all. For a free spot on the “WATCH INSTANTLY” queue, or a Saturday night late show on cable, it’s worth watching for if you like stunningly interesting bad B disaster movies. It was fun, actually.

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