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Casper Van Dien, Victoria Pratt, Richard Burgi

It’s just before Christmas, and Mom and Dad are having some troubles. They have a son who seems to be a model citizen and an older teen daughter who is a good kid, but doesn’t know it. She’s off on a ditch day at school, hanging at the mall in Texas, when a weird series of circumstances spawns some of the largest tornadoes known to man! Now mom is a TV reporter, and Dad is some kind of meteorologist, scientific guy who’s an expert on storms but can’t seem to convince anyone that the storms are coming. This is, of course, caused by global warming bringing the giant storms in just in time for Christmas instead of in March or April when they’re supposed to arrive. A giant twister is headed for Fort Worth, and Dad is out trying to find the kids, while Mom is trying to convince the station manager to warn people of these possible storms.

This is a suspenseful movie. It’s playing this month on the ION TV network, and is surprisingly grabbing like most of the disaster films. This is a Christmas disaster, but obviously except for the decorations at the mall, this could be any time of the year, really. But it’s a Christmas movie at that. The action is pretty good, as are the tornado sequences, and therefore, as I said, it does catch your interest, and it’s bound to keep you watching. It’s not really a classic, but it’s good enough for what it sets out to be. I found it entertaining, and something different for this time of year. I’m getting weary of all the Christmas romance movies and this was a refreshing change of pace!

Here is the link to the home page for this film from ION TV.

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    bad movie said

    December 8 2013 @ 3:25 pm

    the acting is bad, bad, bad…..special effects are not good. The story line is boring and typical. the brat kid that gets out of the car after he was told not to deserved a good spank…of course that didnt happen. I would probably watch it again to see if I dislike it as much the second time…

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