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Matt Prokop, Randy Wayne, Jillian Murray, Robin Blazak, Vanessa Angel, Lara Flynn Boyle, Jareb Dauplaise, Frank Drank, Jim Ferraro, Bryce Foster, Ricardo Gil

Tyler (Matt Prokop), Dick (Randy Wayne), and Tom (Jareb Daupliase) are best buddies in a dead end town in Arizona when Tyler suddenly gets dumped by his girlfriend because he wants to wait and she has “needs”. Dick Richards hears from a friend of his that Aspen, Colorado is full of older ladies (Cougars) out looking for young guys to have affairs with, and they decide that this is the way to go! They pack up and head out for Colorado, although Tyler is a bit reluctant. The moment Tyler comes into town, he spots Penelope (Jillian Murray) who is his age, and is in love at first sight. He sets out to win her, only to be sidetracked by his buddy Dick who insists he go out Cougar hunting with some disastrous results for everybody.

This is a raunch teen comedy, and unfortunately not too good. However, it’s not as bad as some, and not as raunchy as some, although there is a lot of nudity and a good bit of bathroom humor, for sure! It has its share of filth which is par for the course for these types of films. This is fairly low budget. It’s hard to believe they claim to have spent 5 1/2 million on this film, but most of it must have been getting the whole bunch up to Aspen where it was filmed on location. It has all the usual scenes for this type of film, and is a copy of just about everything you’ve seen before. Not much new here, but with that being said, there were some truly funny parts. Those who say there’s nothing funny here have just watched too many of these raunchy teen romps and are bored with them. There are a few surprise moments that are truly funny. Obviously there are better films in the same genre to watch, but if you’re looking for a new one. This is available on NetFlix “Watch Instantly” (at least for now) and is a cheap thrill in that respect. Not a very good job by the actors, but then again, what do you expect? If you’re into “poop” jokes, this one certainly has that! There is an old dirty joke around about a patient in the hospital with SWAN tattooed on his private parts. One of the naughty nurses comes back to report that it doesn’t say “Swan” it actually says “Saskatchewan”. This joke must have inspired the gag in the beginning of this movie. It is truly disgusting and sets the tone for the rest of the film, that’s for sure!! If you can sit through that whole sequence, then the rest of the film is a breeze. Good luck should you decide to waste 90 minutes on this video.

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