Davis Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation,

Allison Miller, Zach Gilford, Catherine Kresge, Robert Belushi, Aimee Carrero, Tyler Forrest, Griff Furst, Yohance Myles

Samantha (Allison Miller) and Jack (Zach Gilford) are a young newlywed couple, very much in love, and headed off on their honeymoon to the Dominican Republic. After a last night of partying, and getting lost, a taxi driver takes them to one last party before the flight home in the morning. Next morning they wake up in their hotel room with no idea how they got back or what happened the night before. After returning home and to their normal lives, Sam discovers she is expecting. But as the baby develops, Sam changes her mood rapidly and it soon becomes obvious that there is something seriously wrong going on here.

Oh my gosh, I got tricked into another damn found footage movie. There needs to be a law, like the warning label on cigarettes, a warning informing you that you’re not going in to watch a real movie, but a cheaply made handheld shaky cam nausea inducing high school AV crew movie. I was so desperately disappointed in this film. I am a fan of horror, as you probably already know, and I’m not too hard to please, but this was such a shame. There is a really good opportunity for a horror movie here, and the chance was wasted. The premise was good, the story was ok, but the execution was awful. The shaky handheld bit is so boring at this point. It’s been done to death. This has so much running around carrying the camera that it makes you sick watching it. Every shortcut they could take in storytelling was used. I felt sorry for the primary actors in this film, as they were trying very hard. I would have been so happy to just have a movie instead of a family home video version of this story. There were so many other films I could have chosen that I really resent that I got sucked into another one of these rip-off “Let’s just use our cell phone to make a movie” films. I recommend you avoid this one and wait for something worth watching.

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