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Julian Morris, Ben Kingsley, Jassa Ahluwalia, Jonjo O’Neill, Jake Curran, Tamzin Merchant

Young squire Gareth (Julian Morris) wants to be a knight, but he’s got to pay for the honor. He has no money, but when he sees a meteorite of gold falling from the sky on the “other” side of the wall, he sets off to find it. When his life is saved by dragon Drago (Ben Kingsley) their hearts are joined and if one dies, so does the other. Gareth sets out to defeat a wicked sorcerer and brings danger and trouble and a few friends back to the wall.

This is the 3rd film in this series, and believe it or not, I think I really liked this one much more than either of the first two. The first one was even voiced by Sean Connery, but the story seemed a lot better here, and the action and scenery was very good, and the actors really seemed to be giving it their all. This is a live action adventure and fantasy story that takes place back in the times of knights and dragons, naturally. The setting was perfect, and the action was fast and furious. This is a good family film. This one might be a bit scary for little kids, but certainly anyone teen-aged and older should enjoy this film. I think it was very well done, and I give it a good recommendation if you like fantasy and sorcery stories. Again, this may be the best of the series.

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Movie Review - Dragonheart 3: The Sorcerer's Curse (2015) {PG-13}, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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