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Paul Blake, Jeremy Bulloch, John Chapman, Anthony Forrest, Laurie Goode, Garrick Hagon, Derek Lyons, Angus MacInnes, David Prowse, Pam Rose

This documentary covers the experience of the masked characters and extras that were hired to perform in the original Star Wars film. Though they had momentary fame due to the expected popularity of the movie, they had different experiences in the long term. But no doubt it had a life changing effect on their lives. This is their stories of how they were chosen to participate and how it has effected their lives.

I know that when Star Wars was made, they thought it would be just a little film, perhaps a TV movie. Even George Lucas himself had no idea of the massive impact this movie would have on the world. I was looking forward to this movie and was anxious to see it, but I was sorely disappointed after watching it. This was one of the most boring pieces of film I have ever seen. I am not sure why, but there was just nothing interesting here in the least. At just over 90 minutes, it felt like hours of people talking and talking about nothing much. Some continued as fairly decent actors and artists, but most spend their time reminiscing the past and hoping for something to happen to bring them the fame they feel they deserve. Imagine the poor guy who did all the acting as Darth Vadar in the plastic mask. He did all of the dialog, but was told that they would have to replace all the dialog because of the muffling effect of talking with a mask on his head. He naturally thought that he was going to fly to California to replace the dialog, but it ended up being James Earl Jones. Now this poor fellow makes most of his money from star Trek fan conventions telling people that he was Darth Vadar. All in all, besides boring me to death, it was rather pitiful as well. I am really sorry to say that I really did not enjoy this film and I can’t recommend it.

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