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Blake Lively, Oscar Jaenada

Nancy (Blake Lively) misses her mother who recently died from cancer. She is looking for some alone time, and she just quit medical school and fled to Mexico searching for a hidden “secret” beach that her mother loved. But things go wrong when she runs into a very angry and persistent shark who would like more than anything to have her for lunch!

This is a solo shot for Blake Lively who really throws herself at it will all her abilities. It’s a very hard role. Stranded at a remote beach with little hope of survival. This is a highly suspenseful film, with beautiful scenery and a very ornery shark. It’s a tough role to play, with lots of activity and a whole range of emotions. This is hardly classified as horror, yet it’s not a mystery, though it is very suspenseful. All in all it’s a roller-coaster ride of epic proportions. The packed audience was completely silent for long periods when there was little sound on the screen, and it was kind of eerie. Suddenly the shark would appear, and everyone was screaming again. All in all, this is a pretty good film. I really enjoyed the suspense and found a lot of times, I was holding my breath without knowing it I was so into the story. That is rare for me, and and an interesting experience. It’s not very often I get sucked into a film so completely, but this is an immersive movie, in more ways than one. I really liked it and I would like to recommend this one.

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