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Michael Ironside, Gill Bellows, Jesse Moss, Emily Perkins, Brittany Allen, Melanie Papalia, Sean Rogerson, Anja Savcic, Freddie Stroma

April (Brittany Allen) is a young woman whose parents have divorced. Mom is planning to sell the cabin in the woods for the cash, and asked April to go out there to take some pictures to help sell the place. She invites her boyfriend Kyle (Freddie Stroma) to go along, but he invited two other girls and guy who are their friends to make it a fun weekend where he planned to propose to April and throw a celebration party. But strange things are happening in the woods, and a crashed space ship creeps them all out until they realize that this is the real thing and their time is limited in this sci-fi horror film.

This is not a great film by any means, but it is what it sets out to be. It does not have high hopes for Oscar worthy performances. Basically it’s a little sci-fi horror film with scary aliens and lots of suspense. It’s a low budget film, put together with a lot of love of the genre, and it pulls it off pretty well. It takes a while for us to actually get to see what’s really going on, which helps build up the suspense as we get little hints and glimpses to let us know something is really wrong, but once the suspense has built up enough, the terror hits us full blast. Good performances by the whole cast, and certainly well done CGI and special effects make it a lot better to watch. This is the kind of little horror film that us horror fans love to pop in the DVD, pop some popcorn, and turn out the lights and enjoy. Yeah, it’s director more toward the teen audience perhaps, but I enjoyed it as well, and I haven’t been a teen in 40 years or so. Rather well done low budget scary movie that gives you what it sets out to do. Recommended for horror fans.

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