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Blanche Baker, Kristen Bush, Jacqui Denski, Sean Patrick Thomas, Dina Cataldi, Dean Stockwell

Dr. Michael Cayle (Sean Patrick Thomas) is bringing his family to live in the little town of Ashborough. They’re tired of the rush and bustle of New York City, and the town is badly in need of a new doctor. But Michael learns soon enough that something is up in this town and nobody wants to talk about it. It turns out that a race of monsters live in the woods outside of town, and the townsfolk are looking for him to protect them in this horror tale.

This was a surprisingly good horror movie. It’s definitely a B movie, low budget and all, but very, very creepy and as scary as they come. It was a fresh and original scary story, and the creatures are really horrifying. Phil Deighton (Dean Stockwell) makes friends with the poor Doctor’s family and tries to fill him in on the horrors outside, and he adds a great deal to the story. Actually everyone is pretty well cast and the performances are way about B Movie style. They can all act, and their performances are not the typical wooden script readers that you normally see in a low budget horror film. This one actually goes somewhere, moves fast, and was a real hoot to watch. I enjoyed the locations, especially the caves where the monsters live, and the terror kept me on the edge of my seat. Occasionally I zone out in one of these horror flicks that isn’t going anywhere, but I paid rapt attention to this one from start to end. If you’re a fan of horror films, the for goodness sake, hunt this one down. It’s very well done and well told. I recommend this one.

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