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Will Ferrell, Craig T. Nelson, Kevin Hart, Alison Brie, T.I.

James (Will Ferrell) is the luckiest guy in the world. Engaged to the daughter of the boss, Martin (Craig T Nelson), James is rolling in dough and doing a great job in the finance business. Allissa (Alison Brie) pushes him hard, but he’s doing well until the cops barge in on their engagement part and James is arrest for fraud and facing a long stint in San Quentin. Though James insists he’s innocent, he’s really afraid as he has no idea how he will survive in the Pen. But though the guy who run the car wash in the parking garage, Darnell (Kevin Hart) is as gentle and good as they come, he needs some cash in a hurry and when James assumes he’s gangsta because he’s black he hires James to “Get Hard” and prepare for life in prison.

This is a typical Will Ferrell comedy and it is his usual character. Whether Buddy the Elf or Ron Burgundy or any of his sport characters, it’s pretty much the same guy. No stretch here. James is a bumbling innocent eyed guy who is doing his best, but nothing goes right for him. But I must admit that I did enjoy this film quite a bit more than a lot of the other Ferrell films. A lot of that is Kevin Hart who is really funny, and his gang of relatives who are the real gangsters who make friends with James as they seek their help. They are really funny too, and a great add to the film. Craig T Nelson plays the SOB Father of the Bride who is really a jerk. Alison Brie rounds out the picture as the spoiled brat daughter and she does a good job too. Actually there are no bad actors in this film, and they really all gave their best which shows. The humor is funny. Unless Ferrell just irritates the heck out of you (which a lot of people report), the movie is pretty good. I enjoyed this and thought it was a relaxing and funny DVD and well worth recommending for a good slapstick comedy.

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