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Professor Raddison (Kevin Sorbo) is a university philosophy professor who is a confirmed atheist who is well known on campus as a hard lined and tough teacher. He begins the first class of the semester with instructions to the class that anyone that is not stupid would know that there is no God and that he can save the class a lot of time trying to argue the fact if the the entire class would unanimously sign a paper with the words God is dead and their signature. It must be unanimous. One student, Josh Wheaton (Shane Harper) is undecided as to whether he can sign that paper or not. Though everyone around him is in favor of him just signing the paper, he cannot find it in his heart to sign it, so he is assigned to spend the last 20 minutes of class holding a trial where he will defend God and the professor will be the prosecutor, and the class will be the judge while he tries to convince the class that there still is a God.

This film has been around for a while, and I’ve just never got around to watching this. Now that it’s on Streaming on NetFlix I finally got a chance to see it and review it. First off, it’s definitely a religious movie. It will take you to church every few minutes and it’s very in your face, so if you get put off by the zeal of the proselytizers, stay away from this film. But if you can deal with that, and are interested in the subject, it is rather well put together. It features a couple cameo appearances by the Duck Dynasty gang. There are a number of back stories going on in parallel and they all come together in the end. This seems to be a plot device they use in religious films so they can have many characters who have many different issues that all come together for good or bad in the end. The folks here sure have white hats and black hats and they seem to be too good or too evil and nowhere in between. Maybe that’s not a fair assessment, but it sure felt that way to me. The different stories and figuring out how they all tie together is one of the highlights of the story, and and many of the tales are really interesting on their own. On the other hand, the end is so very over the top that it was a big minus for me. Obviously the professor has something wrong with him, and he has to find it and kind of deal with it so he can end with some peace of mind, but just like all the evil disbelieving anti-Christmas business man (or Jack Frost) who’s trying to destroy Christmas because he didn’t get his wish when he was 8 years old, this one ends with the evil Grinch (or Jack Frost) coming to realize why he hates Santa (I mean God). In fact, I’m surprised they really tried to pull off this ending without realizing it’s just like Santa Claus. At any rate, it’s better than a Davey and Goliath cartoon or a Goofus and Gallant story, but it has it’s similarities. So feel free to skip it if you just don’t want to deal with the preaching and tacky ending, or watch it if you are interested as the story itself isn’t half bad (until the ending).

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