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Glen Campbell, an accomplished musician, song writer, and performer and part of the famous “Wrecking Crew” [click here for Ed’s Review] was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease in 2011. Unlike any other celebrity, Glen’s wife Kim decided to make the diagnosis public. In addition, the decided to do a simple three week goodbye tour, as Glen loved doing the live shows, and surprisingly it helped him when he was performing. This turned into a huge 151 event coast to coast tour that kept going and going and going. But in addition to the tour, she also decided to document his sad journey through this film which goes right up to the point where Glen recorded a huge hit farewell song, “I’m Not Going to Miss You”. [Click here for the video on YouTube.] Additionally though, this film documents Glen’s amazing career, through Country and cross over pop music writing hit after hit, and winning many awards and lifetime achievement awards. This is the definitive documentary of a wonderful life that Glen has forgotten, but we never will.

This is a very well done documentary. It’s rather controversial in some ways, and many people have criticized Kim’s decision to put Glen on display when his abilities were weakening, and making sort of a sad clown, but the fans flocked to get to see him once more, and were enthralled at the opportunity. Glen also loved it, and was by far the best when he could be on-stage, so what right did they have to take that away from him. Some question the choice to announce the diagnosis and cause the world to look at him. But this is a documentary, and is an unflinching look at the trials and tribulations of this horrid disease along with the great moments of peace and triumph. I am glad they did this while Glen is still with us, though after the last show it was clear there won’t be any more. But his connection to his fans is something to admire and cherish. This was originally shown on CNN, but is now available on DVD. This is an excellent story of a great man and a bad disease, and looks carefully at both. I highly recommend this movie, even though it’s a documentary, it was fascinating.

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