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Dinesh D’Souza, a brilliant scholar and conservative pundit sets to discover the truth about the early days of the Democratic Party and if their claims regarding their history especially regarding minorities is actually correct or if it is all misdirection. Then he looks at the history of the Clinton Family from before their were married up to the present run for President. Dinesh interviews some really scholarly people to understand the history and what is happening yesterday and today, and perhaps tomorrow. This is a documentary, but a very interesting story.

This was a fascinating and very interesting film, very well done, and very professional. The DVD contains the feature film, which is excellent in it’s entirety, but also has some very long interviews with three of the most interesting guests on the DVD that are very long, almost as long as the film itself. These full interviews are an excellent add as it serves two purposes. First you get a real understanding of what the person has to say, but you also get to view the way it is edited to fit into the running time of the film. The information that was cut was certainly as good as the parts that were used in the film. The two biggest takeaways for me were, 1- The Democrat party has had a long history of slavery and persecution of African-Americans especially. They were the ones that started and supported the Ku Klux Klan, and although Hillary mentioned the film Lincoln in one of the debates recently in explaining why you use a personal and a private persona to get things done in Washington, I think she missed the point. Lincoln had to use everything in his arsenal to get the thirteenth amendment passed, it was the Democrat Party who was fighting him all the way. 2 – My second takeaway is how the Clinton Family history. Since college, Hillary has been very motivated by seeking power. The two of them came from simple means, but all of their gigantic fortune has come from nothing but selling access to government. Throughout history, corrupt politicians have accepted money from companies and individuals for pork belly projects that brought businesses and jobs to their home districts. You might argue that it’s wrong, but it has always happened, but the Clinton gang is the first ever that did it for the sole purpose of building their own power and mostly personal wealth. They were also very happy to go to foreign companies, even hostile ones, and takes millions of dollars for their “charity” work in return for granting huge contracts and such for personal friends. Suddenly Bill Clinton is getting half a million dollars for a 45 minute speech, while his wife is working in the Senate or Department of State and there are many examples of how these humongous fees came in and immediately after a contact was awarded by Hillary to the donor country. I wondered why the Haitians are picketing the Clinton Foundation daily, only to find out that they took in Billions for charity to help Haiti to rebuild houses and infrastructure from the hurricane, and most of the money went to a friend of theirs to build a huge building in Norther Haiti which was not even affected by the hurricane. Those poor folks are yelling, “where is our money?”. I understand it now. All former presidents have given speeches after their presidency is over, but it is the first time that a former president has gotten these kinds of fees for speeches, while his wife is currently serving in the Senate and then the State Department, and possibly even the White House. I know liberals tend to wipe away all the claims of corruption and “pay for Play” but if you simply watch these interviews with people who are in the middle of things, you will see why. This is unprecedented in our Nation’s history. When Bill ran for President, he remarked that by electing him, we would get a bargain of two for the price of one. These two are certainly a tag team, and I have no idea that this will continue without any letup if Hillary wins the White House again. I was impressed very much by Dinesh’s work, and really wish it could be mandatory watching for every American. It was a must see. I was shocked by how much I didn’t understand.

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