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Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried, Cillian Murphy, Vincent Kartheiser, Olivia Wilde, Johnny Galecki, Alex Pettyfer, Matthew Bomer, Yaya DaCosta, Ethan Peck, Toby Hemingway

In the future, money doesn’t matter, time does. At 25 years old, a clock embedded in your wrist suddenly activates. The good news is that you never age a day past 25. But the bad news is that you only get one more year. Everything costs time. If you are lucky to be born wealthy, you’ll have an unlimited supply of time and you can live forever, but if you are the unlucky one to be born poor, you must never let your clock drop to zero or you will die. Will Salas is one of those who never seems to have more than one day left, is suddenly given the gift of a century from a rich man who is tired of living for centuries and wants to die. With the help of the Sylvia Weis (Amanda Seyfried), the rich daughter of the worlds richest man, Will sets out to help others and fight the system. The Time Keepers, a sort of police squad, are after them as they have become infamous robin hood like robbers.

This is most of all an allegory. TTime is money in this story, and the real underlying story is as simple as rich versus poor. But it’s very interesting because of the clever way they tell the story. There are so many zinger lines and puns about time being like money, that they’re fun to look for as you go through the story. Then, in addition, it is an exciting action film with very suspenseful chase scenes and car crashes.

This is a very intriguing story, and very interesting to watch. With the benefit of the action and adventure, that’s a sure winner. I enjoyed this film, and I recommend it.

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