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Juliette Lewis, Cybill Shephard, Margaret Colin, Lusia Strus

Kelly (Juliette Lewis) is a young mother, former rocker, now struggling with a baby that doesn’t want to sleep, and estranged from her too busy husband, Josh (Josh Hopkins). When she accidentally bumps into a crippled teen who lives nearby, named Cal (Jonny Weston), they strike up a friendship that feels right to her. But as things go a bit too far, Kel has to start thinking about the consequences.

Is it post partum depression, neglect, the feeling that life has passed her by, or just plain and simple loneliness. I’m not sure, but Juliette plays it just right. This is a thought provoking little film that takes us into a place that feels all too familiar. This film gives us moods and feelings, with plenty of angst and emotion, but not any of the real answers. In that respect, it does pull it off very well. The acting is good. Each of the characters is well developed. No one here has any bad intentions, and there is no real right or wrong. Everybody seems to do the wrong things, but it’s only with good intentions. There is a somber feeling like no matter what happens, it can only end up in a bad place. It all feels hopeless. As the story progresses, everything expands and we suddenly get introduced to more characters that add more complexities. This is not a comfortable film, but it is really well done. It’s a very complex story, but very well played. I enjoyed it.

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