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Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Caine, Taron Egerton, Mark Strong, Sofia Boutella, Sophie Cookson

A young boy, Eggsy (Taron Egerton) loses his father while he was very young. He’s grown i a troubled kid, but underneath it all he seems to have a good heart. When he finds himself in serious trouble, he remembers a pendant his father gave him when he left the last time, with a message to call the number on the back side. He called the number, and Harry Hart (Colin Firth) appears and takes care of the problem and brings Eggsy to the headquarters of a top secret spy organization that is called upon when there’s a global crisis. Eggsy’s father was a spy, and Harry sees good in him and begins his training. But as an evil technology wizard sets in place a plan to take over the world, Eggsy finds himself in the middle of the struggle.

My first thought in watching this film is that it is really a rip off of James Bond. Secret rooms and equipment that is extremely technological, like umbrellas that are bullet shields and hand grenade lighters are some of the things they use. Then the second thought was that it was really kind of silly. Then after finishing the film, I found that I did kind of enjoy it a lot. Further reading and I found out that this is based on a comic book and it all fell into place. Not intended to be serious literary content, it’s a comic book. That makes perfect sense. Colin Firth was pretty good, even though over the top a bit, it suited his character, and he had some of the funniest action battles I have ever seen. Samuel L Jackson is a really unusual bad guy, and he too has some really funny parts. He can keep up with the best James Bond villains. He was really good. All in all, it’s a fun superhero type film that is not all that serious but was a lot of fun after all. If you enjoy the superhero or the super spy films, then his one is right up there with the others. I recommend it, but remember that you’re going in to a comic, not classic literature.

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