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Jason Bateman, Rebecca Hall, Joel Edgerton

Simon (Jason Bateman) and Robyn (Rebecca Hall) are a fabulously wealthy young couple that has just moved to Los Angeles to make a change in their life. It is revealed that a major tragedy sent Robyn off the deep end, and they are thinking a new life in a Beverly Hills mansion might help settle things down. As they arrive, they bump into Gordo (Joel Edgerton) who recognizes Simon from their High School days. Gordo starts to insert himself into their lives, showing up on their doorstep, dropping off gifts in the night, and though Robyn is concerned but sympathetic, Simon just wants him to get out of their lives. Things escalate and Robyn isn’t sure what is really happening and if it’s real or imagined in this high suspense thriller.

This movie just arrived in the theater, and since I’m getting really tired of superhero/comic book movies, and since nothing else interesting showed up this week, the wife and I decided to catch the matinee for something to do. I had heard good things, but I wasn’t prepared for the strength of the suspense. This film was really creepy. It twists and turns and really builds up the terror. The setting is fantastic, basically in two locations, and the sound track and sound effects were really excellent. It was a really well told thriller, and I was really impressed. I must admit that I’m not the biggest Jason Bateman fan, and he’s been in some so-so movies, but he was really great in this one. He showed all the sides of this character with sharp accuracy and inevitability. Basically the three main characters were all good, and it’s basically a three person movie. But the real highlight of this film is Joel Edgerton. He played a very difficult role in Gordo the Weirdo that must have been a challenge in a way that will leave you stunned. He was really great in this role and deserves a lot of recognition for this role. All in all I cannot forget this film, nor this experience. It was really suspenseful, scary, and the tension was really intense. I really enjoyed this film, and I hope it gets the recognition from the public that it deserves. This is a film that should be experienced in the dark theater on the big screen. It seems like it’s catching on, and I hope it does very well. Excellent thriller! See it.

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