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Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Guzman, John Corbett, Kristin Chenoweth, Bailey Chase

Claire Peterson (Jennifer Lopez) is a High School literature teacher with a teenaged son, Kevin (Ian Nelson). His father, Garrett (John Corbett) is not living with them as he’s been caught fooling around and they are trying out a trial separation and considering divorce. A young stud Noah Sanborn (Ryan Guzman) moves into the house next door to care for his aging uncle, but though he quickly makes friends with the Petersons, his history has been well covered up. It turns out that his secrets and Claire’s lonliness is a recipe for disaster, and it might take the entire family down with them.

This thriller is the female version of “Fatal Attraction”, boy. Talk about a psychopath. Jennifer does a really good job carrying this movie and naturally looks wonderful. Ryan is playing a 19 year old, but he must be a real hunk as well, so there’s plenty of eye candy for both the males and the females. The suspense is really good, and though the last five minutes might disappoint, the climax of the film is good. Movies today have strong leading ladies who can take care of themselves. I don’t think there’s any way Fatal Attraction or Play Misty for Me could be made in today’s world. We’re looking for a woman who’s kicking butt and taking names. Jenn is certainly fit enough to pull that off. Her son, played by Ian Nelson is a wimpy whiny kid who reminds me a lot of Norman Bates in the Bates Motel TV show, but that’s the role he’s given, I have to give him props for playing it well enough. Even Kristin Chenoweth somehow tuned down that voice that de-calcifies your spine to the point where she was not a distraction. This is about the best role I’ve seen her play, and I hope she gets lots more opportunities to play a normal person and not the annoying cartoon character that they typically stick her with. Good job! I have to admit that I enjoyed this film. I didn’t really know what to expect when I walked in as it was my wife’s choice, but I couldn’t picture JLo in a horror flick. Though it was quite horrifying much of the way, still it was not a horror film. This is straight mystery and suspense and very well done. I recommend this one.

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