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Keira Knightley, Chloë Grace Moretz, Sam Rockwell, Ellie Kemper

Megan (Keira Knightley) has the perfect life going for her. She has a great degree, and a sweet boyfriend who cares about her a lot. She’s stuck though in a “don’t wanna grow up” mode and refuses to really find a decent job and enter the grown-up world. When suddenly and unexpectedly, in front of her whole family, her boyfriend proposes to her, she really freaks out. Consenting to her fiance’s suggestions, she decides she’s going to a week long retreat where she will learn how to change her life. But when she bumps into a young girl Annika (Chloe Gracde Moretz) who begs her to purchase some beer for them as they are underage, Megan decides to blow off the course and hang out with her new friends. She ends up staying over for a week with Annika and her single dad, much to his alarm, and doesn’t let anyone know she did not go to the conference. Building a bond with Annika and her dad, Megan finds herself wishing she was 17 again.

This is a quirky little film with a lot of interesting dialog. The youngster is the teacher most of the time, but they really help each other and build a strong friendship even though they should not be hanging out together. Keira did an excellent job, and actually Chloe Grace did a wonderful job too. She’s been getting a lot of work lately, but this is a really good role for her. She really nailed the performance. This is a very little movie. Nothing huge happens, there is no great suspense or mystery, but it’s one of those “people” movies with good character development and a lot of good dialog. I enjoyed it, even though it is a niche film, and probably wouldn’t appeal to a live audience. But for something interesting and out of the mainstream, this was an enjoyable little movie. I can recommend it as one that doesn’t suck!

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