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Jeremy Sisto, Sarah Wayne Callies, Javier Botet, Logan Creran, Sofia Rosinsky

Maria (Sarah Wayne Callies) and Michael (Jeremy Sisto) live on the other side of the world with their daughter Lucy (Sofia Rosinsky) and Son Oliver (Logan Creran). When a horrible tragedy befalls them, Maria and Lucy survive, but Oliver has died. Not able to get past the loss of her son, Maria pulls away from the family and is struggling to survive. An elderly Hindu woman promises Maria that an ancient ritual can give her the opportunity to speak one last time to her son behind a locked door in an ancient shrine, but she must promise to not open the door, no matter what happens. But overcome by grief Maria opens the door and brings terror and destruction to her family in return.

This is one of the most unexpected surprises I have had in a long time. This is a first rate horror film with an honest to goodness really creepy plot. Set in India, this touches on some of the Hindu beliefs and practices which are probably pretty new to most of us, which gives this film a really good anchor to build on. The actors are very good, and though they are essentially TV actors, they have the chops to give this one all it needs! The little girl is also excellent, and one of the best kid actors I’ve seen in a long time. The story itself is unlike anything I’ve seen, and it’s nice to get a current horror film that is so exciting and new. I was very impressed with this film, and had to watch it several times I enjoyed it so much. If you want a good old fashioned believable horror story that will truly scare the bejeezus out of you without relying on loud noises and startles to simply make you jump, but to chill you to the bone, this is perhaps the best classic horror film I’ve seen in a long, long time. I highly recommend this movie for any horror fan, and this is a gem of a scary flick that appeared out of nowhere. This film can truly create nightmares.

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