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Jim Broadbent, Lindsay Duncan, Jeff Goldblum, Olly Alexander, Judith Davis, Xavier De Guillebon, Brice Beaugier, Marie-France Alvarez, Charlotte Léo, Denis Sebbah, Sébastien Siroux

Nick (Jim Broadbent) and Meg (Lindsay Duncan) are an elderly couple who have found their relationship on rocky ground. Though they are together, they just don’t connect anymore and have little nice to say about each other. They come up with the idea to go to Paris, where they went on their honeymoon, to visit the same hotel and try to rekindle their romance. Jim seems willing, but Meg just doesn’t seem to want to try. We watch them struggle and fall, and get into more an more trouble. Then there are some hidden secrets that have to come out as they try to work this thing out to stay together or just go their separate ways.

This is not a very comforting movie, but I suspect it’s pretty realistic. We like romantic comedies tied up with a little ribbon and placed in a warm place beside the hearth. This movie hits you straight in the face about how they’re not young anymore. They started out, as everyone does, with big hopes and dreams, and somehow time has placed them in much more meager settings that they would have wished. Jim Broadbent is one of the best actors around. The rest of the cast was pretty good as well. There are quite a few funny moments. There is some tragic moments. But through out it all it’s mostly struggle. Jeff Goldblum has a relatively small role of a classmate of Nick’s many years ago. It’s an odd role, and one that’s kind of a mystery to figure out. We’re not sure what he’s really all about, and that’s good because it lets us have something to figure out. In the end, we don’t know where Meg and Nick are going to end up. That’s good too as it would be a far lesser movie if it told us. As it is, you are free to determine their future, as they are, only by your imagination. This was a smartly done film, and though, as I said, kind of painful to watch from time to time, it was really excellently played. It’s not a film for young people, as you probably just won’t get it if you’re under 30 or 40, but you’ll be here someday and it will all make sense. I thought it was a decent film, and one I was glad I chose to watch.

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