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Billy Zane, AnnaLynne McCord, Viva Bianca

Sadie (AnnaLynne McCord) has had a rough life, but she’s in love. She confides with her best friend, Jennifer (Viva Bianca) that she’s headed off on a romantic weekend with her boyfriend, Kevin (Billy Zane), where she’s sure he’s ready to propose to her. But once she gets there and thing start getting really hot, Sadie discovers that Kevin has been cheating on her with Jennifer which sends her into a psycho frenzy. She texts Jennifer on his phone to let her know Sadie is gone for good and the two of them are on for a hot weekend. What follows is a wild threesome with Kevin and Jennifer tied up and crazy insane Sadie ready to teach them what happens to best friends that cheat.

This horror/thriller is typical AnnaLynne McCord stuff that you would be likely to find on the Showtime After Dark series of titillating horror fests with not too much story. Not many of these make their way to DVD, but this film is quite a bit better than the usual type of this genre. They actually did put a lot of thought into the majestic kills and torture methods of this crazy lady, and the script is actually fairly interesting. It’s cleverly done, and the location is magnificent. I would love to have a chance to live in this house. But still, it’s just a cheese little revenge horror flick that doesn’t have any real message. This girl is flawed to begin with and has a long history of hysterics, so it seems natural that this put her over the edge. I don’t highly recommend this film, as there isn’t much really going on here, but I do admit that it was better than many in this genre, so if you like the low budget late night horror stuff, this is better than most, but not good enough for me to tell you to go out looking for it. It’s just not good enough for that.

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