Werc Werk Works

Shirley Henderson, Allison Janney, Ciarán Hinds, Dylan Riley Snyder, Michael Lerner, Ally Sheedy, Paul Reubens, Michael K. Williams, Charlotte Rampling, Renée Taylor, Emma Hinz, Gaby Hoffmann

This is the story of three sisters, Trish (Allison Janney) and Joy (Shirley Henderson), and estranged Helen (Ally Sheedy), each married to degenerate men, as they ponder the virtues of forgiving and forgetting. As Joy visits Trish to escape problems with her perverted, druggy husband, Trish is unaware that her own ex-husband, a pedophile whom she’s claimed is dead, is now out of prison.
This is also the story of Trish’s two sons, the older who is away at school and trying to forget, and the younger son who acts way beyond his years, is scared to death that he is going to turn out just like his father.

This is actually a sequel to filmmaker Todd Solondz’s film Happiness. I admit that I did not see the first film, and having seen this one, I’m not sure that I would want to. I can’t really compare this one to the first film, so I’m reviewing it as a stand alone film. Perhaps knowing the first film could possibly change my opinion of this one, but I doubt it. My complaint with this film is that is way, way too artsy for my taste. The story does come around and it all makes sense, but you’re going to be so confused by the time you get half way through it, it’s really annoying. The characters are so dark. It’s pretty well acted, in that respect, but the characters are so unlikable that it is hard to get into their stories. The conversations between Trish and her younger son are disgusting and someone ought to call child services. The other sisters are just as nuts. It’s one of those stories that I just cannot recommend unless you are really fond of these art-house films. For me, it was a little bit interesting and very much annoying. If you’re a fan of this film, I’d love to hear from someone who really likes it, to find out why. I just couldn’t get into it, and do not recommend it, even as a rental.

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