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Sophie Bolen, Madeline Vail, Colby French, Derek Brandon, Florence Henderson, Charles Beale, Michael J. Blashill, Kimberly Harsch, Michele Messmer

Julia (Sophie Bolen) is a child from a drug addicted mother who is looking for a foster family. Enter the Cooper’s, Mom, Dad, and son Billy. They live in Michigan and are trying their best to make ends meet. Dad’s been out of work for some time, and can’t find anything. Bringing Julia into their home is the right thing to do but it will also bring some much needed cash into the home. But Julia is very troubled and won’t speak. Her favorite film is “The Velveteen Rabbit” and she watches it over and over. Then on Christmas Eve, they are nursing a wounded rabbit, and found a crazy old lady (Florence Henderson) whom everyone calls “the bunny lady” to help heal the poor rabbit. Nothing is going to be easy with this troubled family, however.

This is a wonderful story about damaged people. Each of them has difficult trials to bear. But the redeeming fact is that through humility and a little faith, we can overcome obstacles that seem impossible. This has Christian undertones, but is not preachy. Each of the characters is very well developed. Florence Henderson is especially wonderful as the cranky old lady with a lot of wisdom and a lot of spunk. She’s the catalyst to the story. This is a highly touching film, and certainly a great add to the list of Christmas films. Great for the whole family, it’s bound to touch and affect everyone of any age who watches it. Available on “Watch Instantly” from Netflix, on DVD, or any other way you can get it, it’s well worth watching.

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