Aliquot Films, Deerjen Films, Four of a Kind Productions,

Nick Stahl, Rachel Nichols, Kellan Lutz, Jonathan Tucker, Grace Gummer, Laura Benanti, James McCaffrey, Michael Cerveris, Norman Reedus

Noah Cordin (Nick Stahl) is a country sheriff in a small town who is called in to investigate the break in and murder of a small child. Upon investigation, all leads point to the small town where he was raised, so he has to go back home to investigate this crime. Everyone, it seems, is out to deceive him, and the town is looking out for it’s own.

This is a pretty good direct to video mystery crime thriller. There is no mystery about who the killer is, but the suspense part of this movie is the difficulty Noah has in getting people to talk, and to put the pieces together. The town wants a quick arrest and is pressuring Noah to arrest anyone, but he wants to simply find the truth. This is very much like a Hitchcock thriller where we know the killer, but everything in the investigation tries to lead him astray. It’s not a shoot-em-up car crash spectacle, but it’s a smart intelligent crime story, and quite a surprise as a direct to video film. The actors are not well known, but they are all pretty much up to the task, and it’s a decent film to watch. It’s worth tracking down if you’re able to find it.

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