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Brett Moses, Ryan Hurst, Dominique Swain, Michael Parks, Lee Ann Womack, James Parks, Ron Canada, Wes Brown, Tracy Byrd, James Bobinger

Jimmy Wayne Collins (Brett Moses) is a country star with a career on the rocks. He decides to head bck home to Texas to nurse his dying father, Pete (Michael Parks, and ends up learning a lot about himself and the ties he left behind in his youth. He’s got lots of burned bridges to try to repair as he learns that there’s more to life than fortune and fame and many ways to live an honorable life.

First and foremost, this is a western. But it is much deeper and darker than most. Jimmy has been carrying a secret for many, many years which is eating him alive. When his Dad is really sick, he feels an obligation to take care of him, but neither he, nor his dad, enjoy each other’s company. But he still tries to do what it right. It is clear he is deeply depressed. The secret he is hiding is too much to bear. Plus the stress of being a one hit wonder is pretty tough. This is a well acted morality play of right and wrong. Will Jimmy be able to right the wrong he did years ago and make things right? It’s a deep movie, but pretty good.

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Movie Review - Noble Things (2008) {R} , 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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