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Callum Keith Rennie, Scott Speedman, Aidan Devine, Patricia Clarkson, Tim Roth

Helen Matthews (Patricia Clarkson) is shattered by the sudden accidental death of her husband. The couple owned a remote cabin on an island, only accessible by boat, and she decides to head to the cabin to be alone and to put the pieces of her life back together far away from everyone. But shortly after she arrives, a young man, William (Scott Speedman) arrives at her door in a pouring rainstorm and after seeing that he has been shot and is very weak and hungry, she invites him in for a meal and a chance to rest. But when she finds out that the men who shot him are on on his trail, and are coming to kill him and would not hesitate to kill her as well, they have to form a fragile alliance to try to survive the next day or two till the storm subsides and they can get their boat out of there. What follows is a suspenseful mystery.

This was an interesting film, a little unlike any I’ve seen before. This is a “lady alone way out in the woods” thriller but the interactions between the major characters (of which there are really only four) leads to a very suspenseful trip. Everyone of the characters has different motives, and it appears that they’re kind of forced into the role that they’re playing without much choice. It’s kill or be killed, and it is an edge of your seat thriller. The location is really perfect, and essentially the entire movie takes place in the beautiful little cabin on the water, in the nearby forest, and in the boat house. It doesn’t take a huge set to make a very scary story. This is certainly a beautiful location. Then, did I mention the suspense? Crazy. The story is well crafted and unfolds one piece at a time so that you’re not sure who’s really at fault here. I thought this was a worthwhile story, and one I can recommend.

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