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Josh Hartnett, Rosario Dawson, Teresa Palmer, Alexis Bledel, Penn Badgley, Frank Langella, Gena Rowlands, Conor Leslie

The apocalypse is coming, and this is the story of how three couples deal with it. This film tells the story of how individuals deal with the uncertainty of the future. Each of them deal with it in their own way, and as the time is coming when everyone will be gone, do you surrender to your fate, or do you fight the slightest chance you might be able to beat the odds.

It is hard to review this film. They start out with a good premise, but this movie is not about the disaster that is wiping out humanity. There’s no scientific explanation for why or how this is happening, (although if you pay attention, I thought it is pretty clear and I’m confused as to why so many people have missed the point altogether), but this is about the people. Instead of looking at the masses of people who are affected, we peek in on the last days of the three couples. We’re not going to get all the answers, and we’re not supposed to. We’re supposed to feel the emotions of these people in the last days of Earth, and feel what they feel. That means we have to be subjected to a lot of background information and character building so that we can understand where these people are coming from. That makes a disaster movie with lots of slow dialog, lots of dragged out scenes that are necessary to accomplish the goal of letting us see where they are at, and how they are dealing with it. As a result, a LOT of people hated this movie. If you go in expecting a disaster thriller like the many stories out there, that’s not at all what this film is about. This is a character film, and a people movie. The background of the end of man is in your mind, but we’re not going to really get to see the coming disaster. But this movie made me think a lot, and I found myself interested in the story all the way through. I can see how many people would rate this boring to the max, but I really didn’t mind watching it. It’s not a great film, but it’s one of those that I was glad I saw. Give it a shot if you’re into character studies. Not a feel good movie at all, but it is an interesting look into the lives of the characters.

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