Realitism, Elle Driver, arte France Cinéma

Stephen Spinella, Jack Plotnick, Wings Hauser, Roxane Mesquida, Ethan Cohn, Charley Koontz, Daniel Quinn, Devin Brochu, Hayley Holmes

This movie opens with a shot of a desert dirt road with 2 rows of chairs up either side. A car winds and forth from side to side, knocking down every chair one by one. Then as it knocks the last chair down, the camera pans back to reveal Lieutenant Chad (Stephen Spinella) climbing out of the trunk. He turns to the camera and gives us a speech about the “most powerful element of style” of all the greatest motion pictures of all time, “No Reason”. All these things happen for no reason. He begins by telling us this is a film for no reason. Then we are represented by an audience of people of all sizes, shapes, and ages, standing in the desert watching the action with binoculars. The film begins, as Robert, a tire, suddenly finds itself mobile and able to use psychic powers. He finds a motel, and a girl the tire takes a fancy to. He also finds that humans debase and misuse tires, for which he goes on a rampage killing humans by blowing up their heads.

Why is the movie about a killer tire? No reason. Why is there a whole group of people watching with binoculars? No reason. None of this has any reason.

And that’s about it. I was somehow weirdly fascinated by this film about nothing, but it was a weird fascination, basically for no reason. This is one of the stupidest collections of scenes put on film with not one ounce of logic in it. There is absolutely no purpose for doing any of this. It makes no sense, has no ending, and just wanders through minute of minute of aimless silliness.

Truly, I expected a military chief to step out and stop the film saying, “Too silly, too silly,” or some guy to appear sitting behind a desk in the nude saying, “And now for something completely different”. And truly, no Monty Python’s Flying Circus skit ever went as weirdly as this film does. Not even the flying sheep or the ministry of silly walks can’t come close to the silliness of this movie.

This is like some experimental thing, film students making a tire move around itself for a project. But as I said when I started, I must admit that I was fascinated by the whole thing, and when it was over, I watched the first half hour again, just to see what I didn’t understand the first time through. I thought there had to be something I had missed that made sense, but there was not. It just was made for no reason.

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