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Nikki Reed, Keith David, Betsy Russell, Brad Dourif, Ling Bai, Brian Tee, Noah Segan, Clifton Powell, Matt Cohen, Cherilyn Wilson

Teens today are too into technology. Their teacher tries to tell them that with the benefits come the down side of being on-line 24/7. He has a nostalgic speech about how, back in the day, when you left your house you were unreachable until you came back home. But the kids laugh it off. Then , up pops a “Chain Letter” that informs them that they are going to have 24 hours to forward the email to 5 people or they will die. Problem is, this guy means it. When someone deletes it as spam, sure enough they die a horrible death. A serial killer is out to wipe out the world of the evil people who don’t forward spam. Hogwash.

This is, in my opinion, a very bad movie. Not only has it been done to death (“Fear Dot Com” “The Ring” etc), but it’s not even very good. It’s kind of “Saw”ish in that they try to develop clever and innovative ways to kill people, but they are very bad. First of all, they have to use a chain because it’s his theme, and there are only so many ways to kill someone with a chain. So they are not so unique and innovative as you would expect. The deaths are kind of boring. I tried 3 times to watch this film. The first time I fell asleep. The second I got really bored and quit watching it. Then, just for the sake of the readers, I watched it start to finish the third time, and I have to say, I forced myself to get all the way through it. Having done that, I know that the first scene is a flashback and you won’t really know what happened until the very end. But this is no “Pulp Fiction” in that respect. No clever twists and turns where you end up viewing the same scene from another perspective. This time they just cut off the camera in the beginning, then show it again with the final gory dismemberment and death in the end. Although I have to admit that this was probably the only death that was somewhat unique. I’m not sure how the killer would know that both people would be leaving at the same moment, and that someone would drive up and distract them at just the right moment, but that’s poetic license I guess. But all in all I was really bored with this film and don’t recommend it. However, I’m sure there are some fans out there. I must say, I’m a horror buff, but this particular one didn’t do it for me. But I will admit the quality is good in terms of the technical side of things. I just wish they could have been a little bit creative with the script as it was painfully dull. My $0.02.

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Movie Review - Chain Letter (2010) {R}, 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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    Mo said

    February 25 2011 @ 3:35 pm

    This movie was tight!

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