Indigo Film, Medusa Film, Mercurio Cinematografica,

Kseniya Rappoport, Filippo Timi, Antonia Truppo, Gaetano Bruno, Fausto Russo Alesi, Michele Di Mauro, Lucia Poli, Edoardo La Scala

Guido (Filippo Timi) is a former cop and trying the speed dating scene. He meets a Slovenian immigrant Sonia (Ksenia Rappoport) who is a maid at a local hotel. The two fall for each other and it turns into a passionate affair until something terrible happens to Sonia and her past comes back to haunt her. What follows is a dark and twisty story, part real, and part unreal, that leads us into a convoluted mess of an existence.

This film is a foreign film, in Italian actually, with subtitles. There are so many twists and turns that you have to follow closely to catch the direction changes as they come along. I watched this on NetFlix Watch Instantly, and I don’t know if I’m the only one, but my PC speakers seem to work fine for everything else, but typically NetFlix films are very soft. The sound just doesn’t come through. Watching DVD’s and streaming videos are fine, but NetFlix films have had this problem before. My attempts to follow the subtitles without musical and sound effects queues made me lose a lot of the story. Then it was so complicated that I found it very hard to keep up. The whole thing seem contrived to me, and took twists and turns just to confuse the story. I wasn’t impressed with the actors or the script, and the story seemed unnecessarily complex. I was tempted to turn it off multiple times, but stuck through it to the end and was very disappointed with the surprise ending. Not much redeeming quality here, and I don’t recommend this one!

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