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Charlize Theron, Patrick Wilson, Patton Oswalt, Elizabeth Reaser, J.K. Simmons, Emily Meade, Collette Wolfe, Brady Smith, Louisa Krause, Jenny Dare Paulin

Mavis Gary (Charlize Theron) is a girl who left the small town where she was raised to become a writer of fiction. She is under pressure for the next book when she receives a baby notification from her old boyfriend and it really makes her MAD. It really bugs here that her ex, Buddy Slade (Patrick Wilson) and his wife Beth (Elizabeth Reaser) would have the gall to send a new baby notice to an ex sweetheart, so she becomes obsessed with him and heads off back home Buddy has no idea why she’s back and he doesn’t see what coming on the horizon. Happily married, he is not interested, but Mavis is so persistent that she is not going to let him escape. Patton Oswalt plays a fried to both of them who is caught in the middle.

To call a movie quirky is easy, but this one fits that description better than most! It is not really a outstanding movie, but it’s definitely not bad. It was well worth watching. To be honest, Patrick Wilson was kind of wooden, and I am not sure why she wants him back so bad. But her life is a mess, and I guess she’s trying to go back to a happier place. Patton Oswalt plays his character very well. He has a back story that is as funny as it is tragic, and he plays this guy very well and brings a lot to the film. The character he plays reminds me of the guy he played in Showtime’s US of Tara series. He’s the same kind of lovable looser that he plays so well.

All in all, Young Adult is really about a girl who never grew up who has a lot to learn about herself, and it’s fun watching all the destruction and devastation along the way. I enjoyed it, and if you you’re up for a romantic comedy with more comedy than romance, but not fall off the couch, roll on the floor laughs, but a more grown up look at a girl who is coming to know herself, then this is the one. I enjoyed this.

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