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David G. Evans, Michael Joiner, Mike Higgenbottom, Louis Gossett Jr., Cindy Hodge, Joy Parmer Moore, Dawntoya Thomason, Stephen Dervan, Chris Thomas, Kiana McDaniel

Mac McDonald is a policeman with an awful attitude. He lost his son a while ago, and in the process, he lost his faith, is trying to destroy his marriage and is turning into a bad cop. When he’s assigned as a partner to Sam Wright (Michael Higgenbottom) a very honorable man, Mac is really angry. He doesn’t want to be told to keep his chin up, and he doesn’t want to be preached to. But Sam is not your usual preacher, and he uses love and concern to teach Mac bit by bit, to straighten out his miserable life.

Yes this is a religious themed film. But Sam is not an in your face christian, and though this story shows us what happens when you refuse to let God back into your life after a tragedy like this happens. But we’re allowed to feel why Mac feels like he does, and the story is heartwarming in the end as we learn, along with Mac, what is really important. The characters in this film are genuine, and the play their roles quite competently. It’s a good film and worth watching.

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