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Charlie Hunnam, Terrence Howard, Liv Tyler, Patrick Wilson, Jaqueline Fleming, Jillian Batherson, Mike Pniewski, Dean J. West, Katia Gomez

Detective Hollis Lucetti (Terrence Howard) is having a bad day. He just found out he is unable to have children, but what does that say about the two kids he has raised? To top it off, he’s assigned to talk a man, Gavin Nichols (Charlie Hunnam) down from the ledge of a tall building. But he senses there is more to the story than meets his eye. Gavin has some time, so he starts telling the story to Hollis. It’s about a girl, Shana Harris (Liv Tyler) and her jealous self righteous and religious husband Joe Harris (Patrick Wilson). But the clock is ticking and soon Gavin is going to jump.

This is an interesting film. Not to be confused with the other recent release “Man on a Ledge” which was also pretty good, this film has a really interesting story as well. The back story of the detective and his marriage crisis takes a back seat to the real reason why Gavin is up on the ledge, but we, of course, have no idea what’s going on. Then bit by bit, he tells us the story (in flash back) in an intriguing tale of what led to this horrible ending. The acting is very good. All 4 of the leads are superb. They play off one another very well. This is not a big budget film, but it is a perfect example of how to make a small budget film. It’s too bad this didn’t get better promotion, but it’s very much worth watching. This is definitely one of those that fell off everyone’s radar, and I feel it’s a very good film and well worth the effort to track it down. It’s quite unique in the story it tells.

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