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Randy Travis, Eric Roberts, Ernest Borgnine, Vaughn Taylor, Paul Tinder, Garry Marshall, Jerry Doyle, Stella Stevens, Alec Medlock, Steve Nave

Jack Fowler (Randy Travis) is a gentle guy very much in love with a lady who’s future in-laws want nothing to do with him. They were about to run away together when Jack decided to leave to protect her. Little did she know that she was expecting twins. Meanwhile a drunken gunslinger mistakes Jack for Jack Cole. Unable to convince him that he’s got the wrong man, Jack is forced to defend himself. This turns him into an outlaw and the man’s family is all out to kill him. He ends up in prison, but when he’s released, everyone is out to kill him. He’s trying to hide out, but the real outlaw Jack Cole may be the most dangerous of the lot.

The Long Ride home is a very well done Western. Unlike the made for TV westerns, this one is done up Hollywood style. The photography is stunning, the score is excellent, and the acting is really good. Randy Travis does a great job in this film, and backed up by characters played by the likes of Ernest Borgnine, Eric Roberts, Stella Stevens and others. There is no bad language in the film, and the violence is very old time western. It’s a great return to the old days of great family western stories. The values are clear, and the good guys are good guys. It’s nice to see a film with good characters and moral values. I watched this on NetFlix Watch Instantly. I enjoyed it a lot. If you like Westerns, this is really good one!

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Movie Review - The Long Ride Home (2003) {PG-13}, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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