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Joshua Jackson, Liane Balaban, Campbell Scott, Ryan Allen, Jim Annan, Chris Benson, Jodi Brooks, Caroline Cave, Gabriel Hogan, Grace Lynn Kung, Chuck Shamata, Richard Waugh, Ulla Friis

This film opens with the question, “What if you found out you had only one day to live, or one week?” Ben Tyler (Joshua Jackson) begins with a visit to the doctor who delivers some devistating news. Ben is not sure how to deal with it. He’s engaged to Samantha (Liane Balaban) but is doubting whether he really loves her or not. She is very controlling, and he is starting to feel like he is getting married just because he’s supposed to. Serendipitously nearly getting killed and at the same time meeting a guy with a classic motorcycle to sell, Ben decides to buy it and head off across Canada from Toronto to the Pacific Ocean. Along the way he tries to stop by at some beautiful sites, and some absurd tourist stops where a small town wants to be on the map because of the “Worlds Largest” something or other. Ben also meets some strangers who teach him a lot and some natural wonders. The story is in the cross country journey, but underlying it all is Ben’s life and presumed approaching death, and what it all means.

This is a Canadian independent film, and fits the mold of most independents. It’s fairly deep, although very interesting, and the ending doesn’t really wrap things up completely, but it gives you a lot to think about. Ben asks a stranger how he could tell he was in love. The guy tells him, if you have to ask the question, you’re not. Then Ben searches his soul as to why he asks the question in the first place.

It’s a simple and endearing film, although somewhat dark, mostly it shows the degrees of despair, pain, and hopelessness Ben feels. His Mom and his Fiance want him to come home desperately, but Ben feels he has to find himself.

This is a nice DVD and is also available on Netflix Watch Instantly. I felt it was a solid film, and very worthwhile watching. It gives you some introspect into what your own life means and what is really important to you. I had a very nice evening watching this film.

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