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Zac Efron, Taylor Schilling, Blythe Danner, Sharon Morris, Jay R. Ferguson, Riley Thomas Stewart, Joe Chrest, Robert Hayes, Jillian Batherson, Adam LeFevre, Russ Comegys

A Marine Veteran Logan (Zac Efron) while involved in a horrible battle, found a photograph of a young lady. He considered the photo a lucky charm and claimed it was what kept him alive. After returning home, he began searching for the lady in the photo and found the woman living with her Mom, in North Carolina, and tried to explain about the photo, but things spiraled out of his control and he ended up working for her. Naturally Mom takes a liking to him, but the town cop, who is her ex-boyfriend does not, and lots of complications and trouble ensue in this romantic comedy/drama about chance, fate, and love.

I once rented a Christmas film from Netflix called “The Christmas Card” [Click here for Ed’s Review]. This 2006 film is nearly the exact same movie as this 2006 Christmas movie. (I don’t know if you’ve been reading long enough to know about Ed’s Christmas Movie on TV project every year, but it’s one of those Christmas films that now ends up on TV every year. The Christmas Card nailed this story. This film pales in comparison. Since Christmas is coming, (I even saw this film is coming on Hallmark already and it’s still October) I’d suggest catching The Christmas Card instead of this inferior copy. They took out all the snow and lights and Christmas music and traditions, and it left an all-seasons film. Zac does his best, and it’s good to see him tackling the adult roles now, and he’s left the High School Musical stuff behind, but he is just not as good by comparison. So if you’re a Zac Efron fan, and I’ll admit he is a good looking guy, and you are a chick who loves chick flicks, then this could do it. It’s not a bad story, and the love story part is pretty good. But after seeing the other film, there’s just no comparison, so I can’t get excited about this movie. It was such a rip off. So that’s where I am on this movie. If I had never seen the other film, then maybe I would be more gung ho about it, but I’m serious. At this time of the year, go check out the other one!

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