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Malin Akerman, John Cusack, Liam Cunningham, Hannah Murray, Lucy Griffiths, Bryan Dick, Richard Brake, Joey Ansah

Former black ops agent Emerson Kent (John Cusack) just did a very uncomfortable job, and it kind of burned him out. He is assigned to a cushy job protecting a numbers station and a young lady Katherine (Malin Akerman) who is the only one manning the remote station. Numbers stations send out codes in numbers to agents and it is highly classified. But this station has been compromised, and not only is someone trying to mess with the message she is sending, but they intend to see that both Emerson and Katherine are not left alive to tell the story, in this spy action thriller.

I didn’t expect a lot out of this film, but I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t hard to watch at all, and the story was really unique. There’s a lot of suspense of the kind when you are not sure who is who, and what is real and what is lies. There’s a lot of action and danger, and it’s a unique story. The whole back story of the Numbers Station is really interesting. This movie grabbed my attention at least, and though it is not a blockbuster film, it was well worth it as a rental. This is even available as a “Watch Instantly” film from NetFlix. If you like spy thrillers with lots of action and suspense, then this is not all that bad, and worth seeking out. The actors are very decent, and even though this doesn’t seem to be exactly in John Cusack’s wheelhouse, he actually pulled it off very well. He’s kind of deadpan, but when it counts, he’s as bad as the best of them. This was a very pleasant surprise and well worth the rental.

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