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Hilary Swank, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Christopher Lee, Lee Pace, Michael Massee, Aunjanue Ellis, Penny Balfour, Kisha Sierra, Peggy Miley, Michael Showers

The Resident is Juliet Devereau (Hillary Swank) a doctor in New York City who is separated from a guy she is not totally over yet. She is looking for an apartment in Brooklyn and stumbles across one that is extremely low priced for the size and the view, but comes with it’s share of creepiness. There is an old man (Christopher Lee) who lives in the neighboring apartment that is certainly very strange, and there have to be weird things going on. Strange sounds and for some reason she is oversleeping very often and can’t figure out why. At least the landlord (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is a nice guy, perhaps too nice. It seems that she did not end up in this place by accident, and her landlord seems overly obsessed with her.

This is a creepy film! Talk about bad luck and being the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time. The music is eerie, the apartment is very dark and creepy, and the action is non stop as Juliet fights for her life. This is also very suspenseful, all the way through. At first we don’t know what’s wrong, but soon we know what the problem is, but there doesn’t seem any way out of it, and as an audience, all we can do is watch and gasp while she has to work her way out of this horrible mess. The message of this film is if the apartment is too sweet and the price is too low, there’s probably a good reason, so move along! This film could give you nightmares. Hillary Swank was not the first choice for this role, but she does an excellent job. This movie ends with one of the most unusual battles with a very unusual weapon or two. Very resourceful. So if you’re a fan of horror films with strong suspense, this is an excellent choice. It’s sure great to see Hammer Films is still around scaring the heck out of us. The best horror films in history have been Hammer Films. Great job guys.

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