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Minka Kelly, Leighton Meester, Cam Gigandet, Alyson Michalka, Danneel Harris, Frances Fisher, Tomas Arana, Billy Zane, Nina Dobrev, Matt Lanter, Katerina Graham

College freshman Sara (Minka Kelly) has just moved into the dorm and begins to acclimate herself to campus life. Her roommate, Rebecca (Leighton Meester), arrives and is a very nice girl with a hard home life though her parents are very wealthy. But as time goes by, other girls on the floor start to feel like something is wrong with Sara’s roommate. They try to convince Sara that something is wrong. As she meets and falls for an upperclassman and Frat Boy Stephen (Cam Gigandet) she begins to realize that her new roommate is perhaps a little obsessed with her. When the unhinged Rebecca starts targeting Sara’s friends and loved ones, can she save them — and herself?

Having a my only daughter as a freshman in college and away from home for the first time, this is a creepy movie to endure. Leighton Meester is certainly good at playing the creepy roommate. After a trip to Rebecca’s Beverly Hills mansion for Thanksgiving, Sara gets to see first hand what happened in High School and why Rebecca is not doing something new. She is able to convince us that she’ll do anything to be best friends with Sara, even if it kills her. I’m sure there are really people out there like this, and I don’t necessarily think that serial killers with hockey masks that can’t die, and dead janitors who haunt your dreams when you sleep, or aliens and 40 foot tall mutant creatures are scary. What’s scary is people who look perfectly normal and are around us every day who suddenly go off and do horrible things. When they terrorize and kill people on a whim, the neighbors always say, “He was such a good boy, and excellent student, a swell son.” These are the really scary characters.

This is a creepy movie with a lot of suspense. Not so much blood and guts, but twisted mind kind of stuff. It was pretty decent as a fright flick, and I enjoyed watching it. But it made me worry about my kid and to call her to make sure she’s alright! 🙂 If you like high suspense movies, this one is not too bad.

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