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Djimon Hounsou, Olivia Taylor Dudley, Michael Paré, Dougray Scott, Kathleen Robertson, Cas Anvar, John Patrick Amedori, Michael Peña

Angela Holmes (Olivia Dudley) is a 27 year old who is having really bad psychic problems and is hospitalized, but when people close to her are getting harmed one after another, a priest is called and they recommend exorcism. But when Father Lozano (Michael Pena) calls in the big guns from the Vatican to help, the exorcism shows they are dealing with an ancient evil who is far more powerful than they ever expected, and the ultimate battle between good and evil is on, big time.

This is a relatively decent horror film. As you probably have noticed, I’m a bit of a horror fan, so I tend to score them higher than I would if it was another genre. I admit this isn’t a spectacular horror film, but darn it, it wasn’t all that bad. Granted some of the characters in the film were wasted. The connection to the Vatican is somewhat weak. There is one scene in the end that left me really confused as to why it was in there if not to make a Vatican connection, but Michael Pena as the local priest who is watching over Angela, the father, and certainly Angela herself were pretty good and did a decent job. The exorcism itself was very well done, and the effects weren’t over the top as they tend to do today, but were understated enough to let the actors bring the terror and fear without detracting from it with silly CGI shots of demons and such. All in all it’s a fast moving, really creepy, scary movie that does the trick, and if you enjoy exorcism films, this may be the best one I’ve seen in a while. I liked this film and I found it very entertaining and suspenseful, and I recommend this for horror fans everywhere.

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