Brothers K Productions, Redbud Pictures,

Ben Affleck, Olga Kurylenko, Rachel McAdams, Javier Bardem, Tatiana Chiline, Romina Mondello, Tony O’Gans, Charles Baker

Neil (Ben Afleck) is an American, traveling in Paris, when he meets Marina, a beautiful Ukrainian divorcee with a child. They quickly fall in love when Neil has the chance to come back to Oklahoma, and he decides to bring Marina with him. She is very excited to begin her new life in the U.S., but eventually their love cools, and Neil is attracted to an old flame, Jane (Rachel McAdams) while Marina finds he life is falling apart and returns to Paris and hard times.

This is a very artistic film. It’s a beautifully shot artistic adventure through fields of wheat and flowers mixed with the dusty dreary homes of Oklahoma. It’s very slow moving, half in French, half in English, with not a lot of movement. There’s no excitement or adventure. It’s written like one of the old Gothic novels with less dialog and more self analyzing via narration of the characters. That being said, this movie was not really for me, and I didn’t enjoy it very much, but I was able to enjoy some of the beauty of the scenery. I found it all rather depressing as everyone seems so unhappy all the time, and I guess life can be like that. Although I think I would enjoy the film a little more if wasn’t so darn sad. I just feel bad for everybody in this movie. I know there will be a lot of people who simply love this kind of story, but I found it really discouraging. I would stay away from it if I were you!

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